Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. There are two types of bressders when it comes to the Long Haired German Shepherd. We have now launched our … I am looking for a Female Long Haired Shepherd. Large healthy puppies. Black German Shepherd Commonly known as a black German Shepherd, the black color variation is definitely striking. Get more visibility! If you’re a jogger or a cyclist, it’s perfect as these dogs love to run along chasing their owner. This is because each of these parent dogs carry the recessive "coated" gene. But these are certainly the exception to the rule. Take a look at some videos online to get a better visual idea of how to use the tools we spoke about above. The long hair gene in the German Shepherd Dog breed is considered a recessive gene - some refer to it as the "coat factor". There are a lot of shepherd breeders around but non that breeds just long haired shepherds. They have not been allowed in the United States yet. German Shepherd Dog. We’ll also explore if there are any differences in the health or temperament between long and short haired German Shepherds. Required fields are marked *. The Veterinary Journal. This breed has an eagerness to please their owners and make them happy so they like to listen to commands. The long hair of this dog means that there is a lot of extra grooming that you’ll have to do compared to a standard German Shepherd. So depending on that information you can expect to pay in the range of $500 to $2000. Clear filters. Copyright © 2021 Dogable. German Shepherds need around 1500 calories a day so make sure the dog food has a good source of protein, carbs, and fats. Due to careless breeding practices in the past, these dogs are prone to suffer from hereditary diseases. was founded by Captain Max von Stephanitz. Parents … We live in Norcross, Ga, Your email address will not be published. While they might not be favored in the show ring, they have many fans elsewhere. Here’s a small choice of products you might like to consider. Apart from the long fur, these dogs have no major differences from the breed standard. The majority of German Shepherds have a double coat – meaning that underneath the tough and dense outer coat, is a layer of much softer fur. Make sure they allow you to see health records of their dogs as well as a visit to their kennel. You might not be able to see it underneath all of that hair, but long-haired German Shepherds are quite athletic. I live in Los Angeles. Such dogs are wonderful friends and can be real warriors when it comes to depending their owners and homes. Good luck to you… Large breed dogs like the long haired German Shepherd need a lot of food to sustain themselves each day. These dogs are commonly used and favored by European police as they are cheaper to buy than stock German Shepherds but share all the same protective traits. This dog’s quick wit, they are obedient and eager to learn and impress their owners. These pups require some extra care in terms of grooming but are loved for … Having a large breed dog can be very expensive. With its long coat, the long haired German Shepherd is constantly shedding its hair. So when looking at puppies, ask to see the scores of both parent dogs. The average long haired German Shepherd male can grow to weigh 66-88lb (30-40kg) with a height of 24-26 inches (60-65cm). Long Coat German Shepherd Puppy Breeder Puppy Owner Checklist Male Long Coat German Shepherds Female Long Haired German Shepherds Tips for Buying a Long Coat German Shepherd Puppy Our Family Litter One (1) Gustav Von Der Lieb and Vom Lieb's Ingwer Proud New Owners Important Information Photo Gallery Shipping Information Litter Two (2) Goller' Zues … After a full brushing you’ll be left with what looks like another dog on the floor, so be sure not to leave it too long between … Group of nine dogs Group of nine dogs in front of a white background long haired german shepherd puppies stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images . If you’re bringing a long haired German Shepherd puppy home soon, you may first want to think about assembling a grooming kit. 30+ days ago. If you’ve got a long haired German Shepherd, or have any grooming tips you’d like to share, please leave us a message in the comments section. You can find them on their web site. Buying a dog is always a tough decision, especially if you are looking for a large one. Substance: Serious Faults: Head. It is a possibility that two otherwise "normal" coated GSD's could produce long haired puppies. I am blessed to carry on mother and daughter long term family partnership. Using a hypoallergenic pet wash is a good idea to help protect sensitive skin. Another essential tool you’ll probably be considering if you have a long haired German Shepherd is a vacuum which is specifically designed for dealing with pet hair. A 2-sided dematting comb can help to detangle stubborn tangles without pulling on your dog’s coat. Female long-haired German Shepherds are smaller in size when compared to the males and grow to the height of 22 to 24 inches and weigh 51 to 73 pounds at a healthy weight. Perhaps it’s the result of the loving… Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd. *german Shepherd* Big Boned! I have 1 long coat male 1 short hair male and 1 short coat female left 10 weeks old extremely healty pups vaccinated vet checked and wormed. As one of the most popular breeds in the US, German Shepherds are known for their fierce intelligence, and protective instincts. Share. If they are not exercised on a regular basis, they are known to become mischievous therefore, the long haired German Shepherd is perfect for families and people who have plenty of time to dedicate to it. K.c registered German shepherd puppies. 26 days ago; For Sale; Dogs; German Shepherd; Swansea . Newest results . Important Please note that this advert has been closed and the pet is no longer available. large group of … $ 1,300 . 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