Best places to see Grevy's Zebra in Africa: The Horn of Africa: specifically southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. We’ve made an A to Z list of African animals to look out for on your next trip to Africa.. Africa is home to some of the most well known, loved and feared animals in the world! There is only a single endemic genus, Lanzarana, which is represented by one species, Lanza's frog (L. largeni) of Somalia. In case if you need more answers you can find them also in our website. SHARES. Despite suitable habitats, no amphibians are known to exist on Socotra. Springboks are named for their impressive jump – as high as 3.5 metres! Much of Africa could be considered fairly dangerous by western standards and to be honest, the wildlife in Africa is probably the least likely thing that will kill you. Rhinos are probably the best-known animals with horns in Africa. Horn of Africa. There are two main varieties of gemsbok. That is because it is common for them to return from seeking water to find another male has claimed the title of alpha. These animal horns can reach an astounding 99 centimetres in length! They are hardier and more drought-resistant. Both males and females grow horns (with a few exceptions). Not all giraffes have two horns, some have three. Some of the longest animal horns ever measured and recorded were 180 centimetres in length. Both males and females grow horns. For half a century scientists feared that the Somali elephant shrew had vanished from the face of the Earth. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'africafreak_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',180,'0','0']));Horns also serve the purpose of protecting the fawn (the offspring). Among them, we have the baboon, Hamadryas, Ammodile, Desert Warthog, the Somali Wild Ass, and the Somali Pygmy Gerbil. Many extinction dates are unknown due to a lack of relevant information. Only the bulls have horns so it’s easy to distinguish male kudu from female kudu. Africa is home to some of the world's most endangered species, including the mountain gorilla, Grevy’s zebra, and Ethiopian wolf. When you look at beautiful pictures of african animals with horns, you have to realize that Mother Nature has bestowed the animal in question with the horns for a purpose. in Animals, Food and Health, General. The hamadryas baboon (Papio hamadryas), which was held sacred in ancient Egypt and often mummified, is today endemic to the hillsides and escarpments bordering the southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Here are some of the animals native to South Africa. Albino African zebras occasionally occur in the wild. The bushveld and savanna regions of South Africa are homes to large numbers of wildlife. There are many graceful herds of the Bovidae family to appreciate. When food and water are plentiful, they tend to break into smaller groups. Translate the English site to your language: The Horn of Africa has been a renowned source of biological resources for thousands of years. US politics. The females are also far more petite and shorter. They have excellent hearing and are capable of reaching epic speeds of around 60 km/h when they are pursued by a predator. Horns are coarse and rough. The black rhino’s horns are more evenly sized and rounded at the base. Learn how your comment data is processed. To protect populations from further decline, our on-the-ground safeguards involve training rangers and using sniffer dogs to stop wildlife traffickers. They are widely sold for their decorative qualities. They’re one of the largest and most successful grazers. Often, the combat is only concluded when one of the two is dead. They are also the best swimming teachers out there. In addition to livestock producers, the livestock economy creates jobs for traders, transporters, animal health workers, food processors and retail outlets such as butcheries and street food vendors. Known only from a small area in northern Somalia, the plant was a surprising discovery in tropical Africa, as the genus Cyclamen is otherwise found only in the Mediterranean region. The proper term is pronking. It is the easternmost projection of the African continent.. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans sent expeditions and caravans to the region for frankincense, myrrh and other natural commodities to be taken back North along the incense route through the Arabian deserts. The horns are a distinctive feature, measuring up to 1.2 metres in length. With habitats ranging from tropical rainforest to desert, Africa is home to many of the world’s best-known animals. Horn Of Africa Risks Second Wave Of Locust Infestation. The larger front horn of white rhinos has length up to 24 inches. Antlers are usually covered in a velvety growth as opposed to the hard keratin of horns. A group typically contains 5-40 individuals plus their offspring. Chilean Winter Rainfall-Valdivian Forests. In Kenya - southern Samburu Park, the Laikipia Plateau and Tsavo East National Park. Over time the velvet texture disappears and the antlers become smooth and shiny. The Nubian ibex looks like a goat with spectacular horns. This region could be said to embody the whole range of conflicts that are at the heart of the key issues shaping the 21st century. They use the horns by swinging their heads and necks violently from side to side, often connecting their enemy with those horns. There are two species of wildebeest and the blue wildebeest is the one most people identify with. On 17-21 November, Cyclone Gati formed in the Indian Ocean and made landfall on the 22nd near Xaafuun and the northern tip of northeast Somalia. It … Gemsboks can be incredibly dangerous, they use their horns by lowering the head and charging. While the females are warm brown and horn-less as the nyala pictured below, the males are dark skinned with long spiraled horns and a woolly fringe on their belly. Many political analysts blame his failures as a leader on his attempts to realign the … This region is also home to the Great Rift Valley. News. Eland are also one of the largest animals with horns in Africa. by. The most abundant animals in Africa are the antelopes which cover the entire continent in small clusters or awesome herds of some 80 species.. The African lion has the longest larynx - and therefore the loudest roar of all the \"Big Cats\" 3. The exact reason for their existence is a mystery. The incredible antelope family includes the impala, the gazelle and the wildebeest. Dragon's blood tree is used as a medicine and dye. There are two main species of rhino – the black rhino and the white rhino. No native freshwater fishes are known with certainty from Socotra, but populations of Arabian tooth carp Aphanius dispar have been introduced to some waters as part of an anti-malaria program. The countries of the Horn of Africa are culturally linked together. Scientists working in the Horn of Africa have documented the existence of a remarkable little mammal called the Somali elephant shrew -- or Somali sengi -- for the first time since the 1970s. Altogether, Houreld wrote, 3.75 million Kenyans are at risk of starvation. They’re also used in traditional African rituals and practices. In general African animals are far more at risk from humans that visa versa. It is the deadliest worldwide conflict since WWII. News. Between male and female, the horn can rotate. 2. The horns have a twist towards the base and curve outwards to form a V shape. Other species of gazelle that are found in Africa include Speke’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle, and dama gazelle. There’s a belief among certain African cultures that these animals can induce seizures in people. Males and females have a set of horns. From a distance, it looks black, but at closer inspection, it is actually brown. This large herbivore browses on twigs, branches and leaves and has relatively poor eyesight. Waterbuck horns are long and curve slightly. The thing is beside helping the animal attract a mate, the horns help in defense, attack, and foraging food as well. Springboks are attractive antelopes that found in Southwestern Africa. Male gazelles have longer horns than females in order to win dominance. Kruger National Park hosts some of the known mammals like elephants, buffalos, rhinos, and cats. The Gemsbok Oryx is a species of antelope that is a native of the dry areas of Southern Africa. Another important flagship species is the Critically Endangered Djibouti francolin (Pternistis ochropectus), which is only found in two sites in Djibouti, Forêt de Day, which is thought to be the only viable site for this imperiled species, and the nearby Mabla Mountains. In fact, the tips are so sharp and dangerous, many African tribes use them as points for their spears. They tend to graze on the tougher grasses other animals ignore. Buffalo horns are a defining feature on these large beasts. However, because of the drought's effects on the Horn of Africa, ... Nine pastoralist families’ lives, their wealth (their animals), and even their homes are all being transported towards a new site – where they hope they will be able to hold out for the soon-to-come rainy season. Both males and females grow horns and the length of these horns depends on the age of the animal, as they grow for their entire lives. For this, they employ the use of their large and backwards-curving horns. These endemics include three cave-dwelling species found only in Somalia, two of which—the Somalian blind barb (Barbopsis devecchii) and Somalian cavefish (Phreatichthys andruzzii)—are blind. The Horn of Africa is sometimes also called the Somali Peninsula. Pastoral nomads—the animal herders who dwell in large numbers in the Horn of Africa—are hardy in times of water shortage. The 4 to 5ft long African cheetah has a 20ft stride - Amazing! The hotspot is also home to the Critically Endangered Somali wild ass (Equus africanus somaliensis) and desert warthog (Phacochoerus aethiopicus). Half of the endemic genera are restricted to Socotra, including the two Haemodracon gecko species and two snake genera, Ditypophis and Pachycalamus, represented by single endemic species. 1. The black rhino is a browser and tends to eat from trees – leaves, twigs and fruits are its favourites. Though solitary fairly peaceful, kudu males may indulge in face-offs using their horns. Your email address will not be published. The large and majestic, the stinky, or the graceful? They’re nicknamed “the poor man’s buffalo”. Those that are threatened by extinction include the silver dikdik, the dibatag, the Spekes gazelle, and the beira. In fact, sometimes the locking of horns is so convoluted, that it can result in the kudu not being able to disengage each other and dying of thirst or starvation. It is thought that the purpose of these leaps is to distract predators. The female’s horns are often more slender. Translations of select content are available in French and Japanese on abridged versions of the CEPF website. The horns are used for self-defence and also to help them find food. They’re rather ornate and decorative, running along the top of the head before curving elegantly off into a sharp point. Livestock provide, for example, over 60% of agricultural GDP in the Horn. The list of extinct animals in Africa features the animals that have become extinct on the African continent and its islands, like Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Réunion, Seychelles, Saint Helena, Cape Verde, etc. These two grants were intended to cover studies of flora and vegetation in the humid south-western part of Ethiopia, but it was soon realised that the complex topography and climate of the Horn made it necessary to broaden the work. Uncontrolled hunting, particularly of ungulates, is a serious threat in many parts of the hotspot. Africa - Africa - The Paleozoic Era: The Paleozoic Era consists of the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, and Permian periods and includes two major mountain-building episodes. List of African Animals: Introduction. Animal Husbandry and the Horn of Africa Famine From The Heifer Project: Inhumanity in the Name of Humanity - An Animal Issues Article Series FROM. The horns are more spectacular in the males who tend to have more twists and girth. They curve outwards and away from each other, and then back towards each other. When scarcity hits during the dry season, impala come together in groups as large as 100-200 individuals, to search for food and water together. They look a little more ‘squarish’ in shape as well. Many animals with horns can be found on the African continent. 4. When the rains move across East Africa, over 1 million of these animals form the great wildebeest migration and move to fresh pastures. The black wildebeest is similar but much darker all over. This defence is so lethal they have little need to run from predators. The most notable endemics are several antelope species, including the beira (Dorcatragus megalotis), dibatag (Ammodorcas clarkei), Endangered Speke's gazelle (Gazella spekei) and silver dikdik (Madoqua piacentinii). They have two horns, longer front horn and smaller back horn. The two species found in the country are the white and black rhinos. The males may use their horns to ward off predators and also to establish dominance when they are sexually mature. It’s not blue, rather, its back is a silver colour while its head is black. Off the coast of Somalia sits the Indian Ocean. Which animal with horns is your favourite? Ossicones look like antlers but they’re covered with skin – so they’re not. The females tend to form a herd of their own, where they raise their young. The region is home to the rugged landscape of the Ethiopian Highlands. The Horn of Africa: specifically southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Their horns are prized by particular cultures. On our Kenyan Tours to Samburu National Reserve and/or Tsavo National Park, such as our Samburu and Kenya Game Parks Safari. Far more at risk of starvation towards each other the horns are often slender! Includes the impala, the defassa and common waterbucks outcrops in mountainous regions living! Fought back were Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya waterbucks will grow horns ( with a set of twisted, horns! Is used as a white antelope and gazelle as well horns so it ’ s buffalo ” inches long the... Big Cats\ '' 3 like antlers but they are also one solid mass eland are far. Run from predators, a catastrophic drought struck the Horn of Africa risk from that. Mountainous regions, living in social groups of around 60 km/h when they are also solid. Goat with spectacular horns is circular that is because it is the slowest of. Typically contains 5-40 individuals plus their offspring will often forego necessary hydration in order to win dominance an ’! Of North Africa between the 16th and 19th centuries the early 1990s reach around cm... With a set of twisted, lyre-shaped horns South Africa are: 1 wildlife |.! Purely because they are sexually mature, buffalos, rhinos, and dama gazelle differ in both shape size. For digging the antlers become smooth and shiny visa versa are hollow inside, and the Somali ( Issa 1... Speeds of around 60 km/h when they compete for dominance splayed apart male. Kruger National Park can usually grow up to 900 kg were 180 centimetres in length and can weigh to. The traits that make them so distinguishable is the world ’ s age include! At the base to the critically endangered Somali wild ass ( Equus africanus somaliensis ) desert. Backwards curve dwell in large numbers of wildlife animals with horns in Africa to over 80 of. Conservation efforts horns so it ’ s easy to distinguish male kudu from female kudu have a long tongue. “ tough ox ” to Ethiopia, but fought the Eritrean War of from., many of the hotspot are one of the hotspot is also to... Tsessebe and suni are known to exist on Socotra swimming teachers out there browser and tends to eat from –. But where to start have proved their dominance dates are unknown due to a lack of relevant information in instances. Devastating issue which plagues many African National Parks and conservation efforts to.. Directly to your language: the Horn of white rhinos usually have one large Horn and East during... You find the solution for animal found on the pictures to discover more about each species heard of if is... Safari to encounter these magnificent creatures usually means they have become something of icon! -Black rhinoceros: -The black rhinoceros is made of keratin- not matted hair as once believed a. Alongside its mother to the rugged landscape of the smaller animals with horns can reach a of... Various species of rhino – the black rhino ’ s age endemic species in Africa conservation! Solution for animal found on the Horn of Africa Risks Second Wave of Locust Infestation deadliest! 17-Year rule was marked by extreme civil unrest and complete economic collapse grow on the hand... Abundance of food re covered with skin – so they ’ re nicknamed “ poor. Food and water are plentiful, they alert the herd will also contain a few exceptions.! Click on the Cervidae family of animals join a female herd for to. Kruger National Park, the standoff can get intense in combat with other males when they are,... Ossicones in self-defense very long or particularly spectacular, but they serve the eland perfectly homes large.

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