During weight loss, it is recommended to boil tuna, perch and other low-calorie types of fish. High fibre snacks like granola bar will help you lose weight. Proteins are required for growth in children and beans is highly rich in proteins. Bean diet is considered one of the most effective and useful diets for our body. Start enjoying them for safe and sustained weight loss, heart health and over all good health. (In other words, you create a calorie deficit) You don’t have to starve yourself with a modern diet or juice fast. There is also a large amount of fiber in haricot. Rice contains a rich amount of carbohydrates and calories. And what about losing weight, you may ask? This is what I eat in a day to lose weight: Nigerian food, easily accessible to me. With the substantial amount of carbohydrate and protein in beans, you will gain additional weight as well as a stronger muscle. Nigerian Food Table for Weight Loss. When i tell people this is fattening or that is, it is usually followed by "Ahn ahn, so what should we then eat". Governor Wike explains why Bola Tinubu cannot emerge as Nigeria’s president in 2... Video shows suspect shooting his shot at female judge during court hearing, Thank you Lord: Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko celebrates new ride, shares photos, Bobrisky lavishes N596k while shopping for lady that tattooed him on her back, Singer African China completes own mansion, shows fans interior of new house, Young man shows off his newly designed room in beautiful pictures, many ask how he did it, Governor Wike explains why Bola Tinubu cannot emerge as Nigeria’s president in 2023, 5 Youngest millionaires in Nigeria in 2021 and the story behind their wealth, Nigerian man drags lady to court to retrieve N5k he sent after she failed to show up as agreed, Biography of Rico Swavey from Big Brother Naija. The fibre rich garden egg helps you reduce the food you consume and thereby reduces the calories you eat. My advice is that, you should include these foods in your diet and eat it as part of a healthy weight loss diet. Whole egg (plus yolk) is one of the best foods you can eat if you need to lose weight. When it comes to natural, healthy food that can aid in weight loss, we have it so good in Nigeria.In some cases some families have 5 different organic fruit growing inside their garden. A̶̲̥̅♏ 24 Α̲̅πϑ weighin 90. Personally, I call Avocado the perfect super food for weight loss. Its too much for ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ . Green tea is so powerful that when you drink it regularly, it will boost the rate at which your body burn fat by 17% on a daily basis. They’re high in protein, healthy fats, and can make you feel full with a very low amount of calories. Well, Are you considering a keto diet? Moreover, they are not expensive. Together with every other Nigerian food as far as you eat less than your daily calorie maintenance level. As with everything in life, moderation is key. These foods are foods that contain complex carbohydrates (rich in fiber vitamins & minerals), vegetables (contains micro-nutrients that boost immune system) and plant based proteins etc. You can lose weight eating your party jollof rice, pounded yam, amala, eba…. All you need is wholesome and healthy food plus physical exercise. ShopRite, you can get the Lipton Green tea brand for about N500 – N700 Naira. You will not find many calories in a small portion of nuts, but it will prevent exhaustion and give the body all the necessary elements. A 6-ounce serving of full-fat yogurt has 100 calories, 6 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and 8 grams of carbs, while the same serving of nonfat yogurt has 95 calories, 0 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein and 13 grams of carbs. What does the keto diet really entail? If you are on a weight loss journey, it is super important that you add this Ofada/local rice into your diet because of it’s weight loss benefits. Therefore, fruits are available to buy in any market. List Of Healthy Nigerian Foods For Weight Loss Watermelon is 92% water and the other 8% is filled with good nutrition such as fibre that is important for your weight loss journey. Please leave me a comment below. There is no doubt when it comes to the importance of energy for the day to day activities. Because Nigerian cuisine tends to contain large amounts of vegetables, lean meats and whole grains, it's a healthful way to mix up a bland diet. Nigerian ketogenic diet is becoming a popular conversation in the weight loss world. This ofada rice is also known as local rice, brown rice. I am talking about Green Vegetables such as African Spinach (tete), Ugwu (pumpkin leaf), bitter leaf etc. Eating nut snacks between meals does not stop the process of weight loss. The basic idea behind weight loss is to burn more energy than you eat over time. It is based on a way of eating that has been around since the days of Jesus (for real). And no, I am not talking about all those “slim tea” out there that are being heavily promoted with celebrities name on it. Nigerian cuisine is famous for its spicy flavors and intense aromas. If you are still struggling with it, make today American researchers experimented and proved that people who eat nuts regularly are more protected from obesity than those who completely exclude this beneficial product from their diet. Andarine is a kind of … With LIN, you can eat the Nigerian food you love and lose weight. Starting your day on the right foot and with the right food can make a world of difference when it comes to weight loss. Here are the best products that are suitable for losing weight.You can buy these Nigerian foods anywhere. If you go into any supermarket e.g. Pls help me . Here are other Nigerian foods that can help promote weight loss. These food groups and many more would be helpful in gaining healthy weight with Nigerian foods however, it is important to still maintain healthy proportions with these foods and consult with a dietitian when creating a meal plan. Nigerian food timetable for fast weight loss, paired with an active lifestyle, can help you find a healthy balance. Ofada rice is packed with anti-oxidants very high in fibre that makes you get full easy when you eat it. Eat Spicy Foods Hot peppers have been shown to raise your metabolism, but the real Benefit of peppery food is that they slow your eating. However, many people turn to Nigerian food for the potential health benefits. Berries, watermelon, tart cherries, plums, grapefruit, and nectarines are also fruits which lose weight. Protein foods for weight loss in nigeria. Losing Weight with Nigerian Food This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Bananas, mangoes, papaya, and guava provide energy and keep you well-fed for a long time. Let me explain why. Moin Moin or bean puddle is a healthy Nigerian snack that can also serve as a food or appetizer. Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and contain a lot of high fibre. If you are yet to get any of my program, I suggest that you sign up for my 90 Day Fat Loss Coaching. And when they use it, the result they get in their body system is just astonishing. Any foods that have high sugar level content or junk foods are the foods that you should avoid. Of course, Beans is a healthy Nigerian food for weight loss, but it also helps you put on a few pounds. For slimming it is better to choose raw and non-polished rice, which has a brown color. The one and ONLY requirement to lose weight is a calorie deficit ( i.e calorie Reduction) to put it in another way eat and drink a little less calorie than your body needs daily and you’ll lose weight. 8. Rice contains almost no fat at all, so it is ideal thing for weight loss! To lose weight on a Nigerian diet, reduce your intake of carbohydrates. Ii wil realli βε̲̣ grateful if I can reduce. When you stay full, the amount of food you are able to consume is reduced, and so is the number of calories consumed. Have you ever wondered if the hype about the keto diet is really worth it? Most traditional Nigerian meals are very high in carbohydrates, particularly simple sugars. This tea is the ONLY beverage that I recommend to my weight loss students apart from Water and Lemon water. I am actually talking about ordinary green tea. I will do a post on homemade health bars that can be stored for weekly use. It is alkaline in the body and helps your body to detox and burn off belly fat too when you eat it as part of a healthy diet. Beans, on the other hand contains proteins and other important nutrients the body needs. A handful of groundnut contains about 9grams of protein. It is not only that food which lose weight, these products can lead to obesity, vitamin deficiencies, heart disease and other health problems. It will help you burn 15kg – 30kg over a 90 day period (that is 12-week), Click Here To Register For Coaching Today, P.S. The role of Proteins in weight loss Garden Egg is extremely low in calories, low in sodium but very high in fibre. Beans are very much needed for those who want to lose weight because it blocks the flow of excess calories into the body. With a medium sized watermelon going for 600 naira, cucumber 100 naira and about 10 roots of ginger going for 50 naira; you can make a smoothie that can last you a whole week. Berries, watermelon, tart cherries, plums, grapefruit, and nectarines are also fruits which lose weight. It is ten times better than refined rice such as Uncle Bens rice. If you are on a weight loss journey, and you struggle with knowing the exact healthy meals to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and to snack on, then this article is the most important article you will ever read. This Nigerian food time table is excellent for weight loss. You need to actually prepare and eat them as part of a daily weight loss diet. And that is because, I am about to show you 7 healthy Nigerian foods you can add into your diet right now that will boost your weight loss result. In addition, the protein content of beans help to build more muscles, making you look more trimmed. Bananas, mangoes, papaya, and guava provide energy and keep you well-fed for a long time. Sometimes it is difficult to find out which foods are good for your body, and which can be harmful to the stomach. Nuts quickly quench hunger, because they contain virtually no saturated fats. In other words, superfoods provide lots of nutrients without adding a lot of calories. It is made up of beans and other assorted spices like eggs, or fish which are all great weight loss foods. A super food is just regular food that is extremely dense in nutrients. Hello 9jafoodie Fam, fitfam and delish fam! Weight Loss Meal Plan: How to Create a Calorie Deficit Using Nigerian Foods. Grapefruits. Remember, your life depends on what you eat. This helps to aid weight loss. Steamed rice is a right choice for those who want to lose weight. They very simple formula to weight loss is burning more calories than you take in. Studies have shown that carbohydrates lead to 2-3 times more weight loss than low-fat diets. It seems once you mention that you’re on a weight loss journey, the next question you will be asked is are you doing keto? Pls if its possible Ɣ☺ΰ make a meal timetable with common nigerian foods that can help ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ loose weight. Luckily for you, this tea is very affordable. 226. Moin Moin is great for weight loss. READ ALSO: 7 practices that may help you lose weight and stay healthy, Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, Powerful fruits for weight loss that burn fat quickly, Best fruits for female and male fertility. In this post, we’ll be focused only on superfoods for weight loss. But first, you have to know which nutrients are in which food . A lot of focus is definitely on weight loss, but many people are struggling with gaining weight. When you eat too fast, as many of us do, by the time your body signals it’s full, you’ve overeaten. How is it going? All of these help the human body to be in tone, maintain a healthy state and youth. Juicy and ripe fruits are extremely delicious - a great pleasure awaits you! Everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful. There are top 5 tasty products you can use without any dangers. Thanks to these vegetable fibers, the entire digestive system works better, and the intestines are cleansed, which contributes to the general improvement of the body and the elimination of slags and toxins. And that is because, I am about to show you 7 healthy Nigerian foods you can add into your diet right now that will boost your weight loss result. Fish is useful for a diet not only because of low-calorie content but also because it contains a lot of useful trace elements, for example, phosphorus and iodine. These types of food reduces the secretion of insulin (fat storing hormone) in the body. You can make vegetable soup with these vegetable leaf, and when you add them into your diet, it will give you result on your weight loss journey. As a weight loss coach who has helped 3,247 people and counting, live a fit and healthy life over the past 4 years…. Hence, consuming them together will give you a high calorie, healthy diet. They are cheap, natural and easily accessed. If you really want to lose weight, you should consider eating garden egg. Do you know which food is for weight loss? Avocado is actually one of the best kind of food you can eat to lose weight and I always recommend my client to eat as much of it as possible without feeling guilty. Some of the healthy vegetable meals you can make include: Efo Riro ( Vegetable Stew), Bitter Leaf Stew, Okra Soup etc. The way to get a beautiful and flawless body has long been an open secret. are great for healthy weight gain. Lemon (Zap some of it in water to drink daily) 3. I discover that many people struggle with their diet and after trying to lose weight for a long time, end up going back to eat junk foods. If you’re trying to lose weight it will be a good idea to add eggs to your breakfast. NICHOLE. That being said, not all superfoods support weight loss. To have fruit for breakfast is one of the best things for losing weight. For weight-loss, we are huge fans of the potency of watermelons, cucumber and ginger. Leaves of greenery and a couple of camel lemon juice will help to get an unforgettable fragrance. To have fruit for breakfast is one of the best things for losing weight. Thank you, [images style=”0″ image=”http%3A%2F%2Fnaijaweightloss.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F10%2Fhealthy-foods.jpg” width=”919″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″ full_width=”Y”], Ramadan Food Tips And Best Place To Travel, How To Lose Weight During Ramadan Fasting, PART 2: How Your Body Can Burn Fat Rapidly. It is low in calories and gluten-free. Carbohydrates: When this is present in your meal, your family is provided with energy. Just knowing these 7 foods on their own is not enough. Soups like Banga, Egusi, Beniseed etc. Moin Moin. Sweet potatoes don’t just help you trim your waistline, it also contains vitamin A which boost your immunity and promotes good eye, skin and bone health. 1. Incorporating these healthy foods into your meal plan can help you feel satisfied and energized without deprivation, so you have an easier time reaching your weight loss … Beans contain a lot of protein and fiber, which help you to stay fuller. When you eat sweet potatoes, it makes you feel fuller for longer. They will help you become slim, cleanse your body and improve your well-being. Some can even slow down digestion processes for a while! Average person burns between 1600 - 2000 calories per day Rice is a unique cereal that contains a large number of minerals, several vitamins and eight amino acids necessary for humans. As with everything in life, moderation is key. Over and above that, it contributes a lot to a more natural weight loss. You can snack on it raw, eat it as part of a meal or even use it to prepare healthy garden egg stew. High water content, nutrient boosting power, very very low calories. Beans. This is why it’s one of the absolute best high protein nigerian foods available! Nigeria is the leading fruit producer in the world. Nigerian Weight Loss Recipes: Boiled plantains and Stew (300 calories) Shrimps are also allowed to be consumed. That is why I’d like to share with you 7 healthy foods you can buy in any local market and from most fruit and vegetable seller anywhere in Nigeria that you can include in your diet for weight loss. Lose It Nigerian (LIN) is weight loss and healthy living on a Nigerian diet. Boiling is the best way to cook fish because it becomes soft and tender. How is that New Year resolution to be healthy and fit coming along? It is highly proteinous and can easily fill up your stomach. You can eat ANY Nigerian food like poundy, eba, joloff…. Avocado is high ins omega-9 fat and when you eat it, can help your body reduce bad cholesterol and curb hunger which in turn helps you lose weight. Healthy Nigerian food useful for weight loss Ladies with big thighs, fat hips will live longer, these are the people who won't - Study shows You need to provide your body with proteins, complex carbohydrates and small amount of fats. The best way for you to eat Sweet potatoes as part of your weight loss diet is when you boil it to eat. The truth is most Nigerian foods are very healthy, the trick to creating these is knowing what to put together. Here are 14 healthy breakfast foods that can help you lose weight. Many Nigerians prepare rice and beans meal together, and it is a very healthy meal. I’ll be reading and possibly replying some of your comments. Thus, having eaten a portion of rice, you will give your body a long-lasting charge of energy, a sense of satiety plus enrich it with a lot of useful and necessary substances. Furthermore, to break it down in plainer terms, 1600 to 2000 calories per day is what an average person burns just by existing. I’d like to hear from you what you think of this post. Egg (plus the yolk.) We typically eat white rice for breakfast, bread for lunch, Eba for dinner in excessive portions. Article by 9jafoodie - Nigerian Food Recipes. Red & Green Pepper 4. The foods listed below are foods people have used successfully in Nigeria for sustained weight loss and good health. Average person burns between 1600 - 2000 calories per day. These vegetables are ultra low in calories, low in fat and rich in magnesium and can lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. They very simple formula to weight loss is burning more calories than you take in. Another advantage of fruit which helps you lose weight is that it can be eaten in an unlimited amount. Combined with regular exercise, this Nigerian food time table will help you do exactly that. Nigeria … Weightloss9ja Food Timetable: How to Lose Weight with Nigerian Food. Eba, akpu, Fufu and all our really heavy foods are too … Posted by Desola | File under : breakfast, dinner, food, healthy, lunch, meals, Nigeria food, table, weight, what to eat. The Best Nigerian Superfoods for Weight loss 1. One of the brands is Lipton green tea. Go through the list and add them to your weekend shopping list. Reply.

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